A Brief Introduction to the South China Sea Institute


       The South China Sea Institute of Xiamen  University (SCSI) was officially inaugurated on November 3, 2012. It is an  interdisciplinary research institution headed by well-known Professor Kuen-chen  FU and boasts of researchers from various fields. It primarily focuses on  researching and advising on issues related to the South China Sea (SCS).  

SCSI is dedicated to building on Xiamen University’s multidisciplinary  strength on Southeast Asian studies, International Law and oceanography, thereby  creating strong research foundation on SCS issues and setting up the first  Chinese Academic Institute focused on these issues.

Having conducted a  great amount of basic and applied research on SCS, SCSI serves as a national  think-tank for laws and policies associated with the SCS by contributing to  cooperation among relevant international organizations and enhancing  cross-strait academic exchanges. The Institute also provides a platform for  keeping pace with cutting-edge research on the SCS. It also acts as a training  base for high-level experts and works to create new modes for aiding and  supporting professionals in relevant fields.

Major research areas  of the Institute
1. Oceans policy and law
2. Maritime  delimitation and rights and interests protection
3. International relations  concerning oceans
4. Navigation security and maritime law enforcement
5.  Cross-strait cooperation on maritime issues
6. Marine environment protection  and resources management
7. History and geography of oceans and underwater  cultural heritage
8. Historical archives on Chinese maritime boundaries
9.  21st Century Maritime Silk Road