Marco Polo - ZHENG He Academy

Marco Polo- ZHENG He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy

Marco Polo - ZHENG He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy has been committed to promoting participants’ knowledge of international oceans law and policies. Started in 2006, the Academy has been successfully held for nine years, from 2006 to 2012 by the Center for Oceans Law and Policy of Xiamen University, the predecessor of South China Sea Institute (SCSI) of Xiamen University, and between 2013 and 2014 by the SCSI. The Academy is designed to build a first-class exchange and learning platform for students, young teachers, and other enthusiasts of international oceans law and policies. By sharing quality education resources and strengthening inter-academic exchanges, it is aimed at cultivating practical talents for China’s marine programs.

Adhering to the principle of combining theory with practice, the Academy is composed of two parts, namely, field trips and lectures, with all lectures delivered in English by leading experts at home and abroad in four weeks.

The 2014 Summer Academy has attracted 36 participants from home and abroad. Among them, 21 are not from Xiamen University, accounting for 60% of the total participants; 7 are overseas participants, respectively from Poland, Malaysia, Kenya, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, and Bangladesh and 1 Hong Kong participant, accounting for nearly 23% of the total participants.

What is especially noteworthy is that compared to previous years, participants of 2014 are more diverse in terms of educational background and working background. Specifically, the Academy has a professor from Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, a senior lecturer from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, a lecturer from Moi University in Kenya, a staff member from the United Nations Development Programme, a staff member from the General Inspectorate of Singapore, Ph.D. students from University of Warsaw in Poland, University of Wisconsin in the US and Western Australia Murdoch University, and researches from the National Institute for South China Sea Studies and other domestic institutions. Thus, it is obvious that the Academy enjoys growing international influence.

The four destinations of field trips for 2014 Summer Academy are all closely related to international oceans law and policies and carefully chosen by SCSI, namely, Xiamen Maritime Security Administration, Third Institute of Oceanography of State Oceanic Administration, Sphere Logic Partners Law Firm, and Quanzhou Maritime Museum, all of which provides us with strong support and free assistance and expresses their long admiration of the Academy and their intention to send their staff to the Academy for further education in the coming years. After our efforts for nearly a decade, the Academy has gradually evolved into a stable, high level brand of summer program.

All participants of the Academy will be awarded a certificate of completion after completing all courses and passing relevant examinations and outstanding participants can obtain a certificate of outstanding students in addition. Participants of Xiamen University can gain certain credits in accordance with the University’s relevant regulations on summer semesters.


2013 Marco Polo - ZHENG He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy


2013 Marco Polo - ZHENG He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy


Field Trips for 2014 Summer Academy at Third Institute of Oceanography of State Oceanic Administration


 Awarding Certificate of Completion to Participant