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The Second Workshop of DBCP Capacity Building for the NPOMS with a Focus on Typhoons
  Time: 2013-04-19   Author:   Hits: 139
The Following Goals and Associated Actions reflect the needs of this NPOMS-2 Workshop and of the long-term Ocean-Climate Monitoring Capacity for Cyclogenesis and Forecasting:
1.Review recent, on-going and planned regional programs on typhoon and its interaction with the ocean,
2.Discuss new advances in our understanding of the processes and mechanisms of typhoon-ocean interaction,
3.Explore the possibility of regional collaboration to improve typhoon observation and prediction,
4.Demonstrate the crucial role of Western Pacific (WESTPAC) ocean observations, such as for understanding and predicting regional cyclogenesis,
5.Build Regional and National Human, Institutional and Infrastructure Capacity Needed to Acquire, Process and Deliver Socio-Economic Benefits From Ocean Observations,
6.Continue to Learn Practical Implementation Skills for the Deployment of Operational Data Buoys at Sea, the Collection of Buoy Data, and Related Data Management,
7.Continue to Align with Objectives of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) to Deliver Ocean Data to the End-User,
8.Enhance Coordination and Cooperation between the DBCP Task Team for Capacity Building (TT-CB), WMO Regional Associations (RA-II/V) and the IOC Regional Office for WESTPAC.
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