Memories and Experiences at Xiamen University

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My name is Yodsapon Nitiruchirot (巫晓发) (Thai Nationality), a lecturer at School of Law, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand.

After I graduated Bachelor of Law, I started working as a lawyer and studying Master of Law at Thammasat University. Then, when I finished my Master, I changed my career to a lecturer at Mae Fah Luang University. At that time, to study abroad is my dream and China was my first target with two reasons. Firstly, I am a Chinese oversea, of course, I would like to visit my ancient town. Secondly, my English was very poor therefore, avoiding English was my purpose. Although, my Chinese was not that good but I thought it would be easier to improve than English.  

Before applying to study in China, I found that Xiamen University is one of the most famous universities in term of the international law of the sea. Accordingly, I selected to apply to study at the South China Sea Institute: SCSI of Xiamen University.

Finally, my dream came true when the Website of Xiamen University announced the list of foreign students who received a scholarship from China Scholarship Council: CSC in 2014 and of course my name were put in the list. This news made my family and me very happy.

On September 2014, two months after the announcement, it is my first visit to Xiamen. Once I arrived in Xiamen, I did not feel the weather differs from Thailand. But the Chinese food differs from Thai food a lot. Until Almost one year I can enjoy Chinese food.

Unfortunately, my first disappointment was the teaching will be conducted both in Chinese and English and my dissertation will be written in English too. It made me very stressed. I have to waste my first six months to improve my English skill. It was a very difficult time for me. Sometime, I felt down and gave up and would like to leave here without Ph.D. degree. However, supporting and helping from my family, my supervisor, teachers and staffs of the SCSI maintained my student life and finally, I conquer Ph.D. degree within four year. So far, I am teaching at Mae Fah Luang University with the knowledge and experiences I collected from Xiamen University.  There are valuable and useful for my career.  

My four years’ time at Xiamen University is very valuable and memorable. I still remember all beautiful corners in the campus and academic atmosphere in the class rooms. I confirm that if I have a chance I will be back to visit my beloved university and all memories and experiences from Xiamen University will be in my heart forever.